The ECO-QUENTIN boiler by ALTERECO is a modern device for heating domestic hot water (DHW) and central heating using wood chips. It is an eco-friendly solution that allows for energy and cost savings. The ALTERECO wood chip boiler is user-friendly and equipped with many features that facilitate its operation.

  • Full automation
  • Room thermostat controlled via a smartphone
  • Automatic ignition system
  • Compatible with a buffer system
  • Control via a five-inch touchscreen display
  • Includes a flue gas regulator and an auxiliary extraction fan to support the chimney draft

Do you dream of an efficient and eco-friendly way to heat your home? If so, ALTERECO – ECO-QUENTIN 40 kW is the perfect solution for you! This exceptional boiler not only offers full automation but also a range of safety systems that will provide you with security and peace of mind during use.

The room controller, which you can control from an application on your smartphone or other mobile device, allows easy and smooth temperature control in your home. The automatic ignition system will save you time and money, and compatibility with the buffer system will provide you with additional energy savings.

The ALTERECO – ECO-QUENTIN 40 kW boiler is equipped with premium control featuring a five-inch touch display, making it not only easy to use but also very elegant. It also includes a chimney draught regulator and an exhaust fan that assists the chimney draught, ensuring even greater safety during use.

Additionally, thanks to its Class 5 and Ecodesign certifications, you have the opportunity to receive subsidies from various sources! This boiler has an automatic ignition and shutdown system when the desired boiler temperature is reached, making it not only exceptionally efficient but also very safe to use.

The ability to design a complete boiler room from A to Z is another advantage of ALTERECO – ECO-QUENTIN 40 kW. This allows you to save on installation costs by converting them into fuel purchase costs. And most importantly, our company offers you innovative and eco-friendly heating solutions such as pellets and wood chips.

Wood chips are the cheapest fuel on the market, and the best part is, you can produce them yourself! The boiler operates with a fraction size of 10-40mm but can easily handle 100mm wood chip pieces as well. This ecological and cost-effective solution will help you reduce your heating bills and have a positive impact on the natural environment. ALTERECO – ECO-QUENTIN 40 kW is the boiler that will meet your expectations!

Parameter Unit ECO-QUENTIN 40kW
Nominal heat output kW 40
Fuel type Type wood chips-b1, pellets-C
Fuel consumption at maximum heat output kg/h 9,5
Water capacity dm³ 200
Maximum working temperature °C 95
Operating pressure for central heating/domestic hot water MPa 0,15
Chimney draft Pa 10-17
Storage capacity (in dm³) dm³ 700 (13 bags)
Heat efficiency % ≥88,4
Chimney cross-section mm ϕ=200 or 160×250
Type and electrical supply voltage V ~ 230/50 Hz
Power consumption at maximum heat output W 33
Power consumption in standby mode W 3
Energy efficiency ratio Class A+
Boiler weight kg 840
Boiler dimensions (width/height/depth) mm 1900/1550/1130
PN EN 303-5:2012 (wood chips, pellets) Class 5 426/12-LG
ECODESIGN 2015/1189 (wood chips) YES ED/507/19
ECODESIGN 2015/1189 (pellets) YES ED/508/19
Zrębka drzewna

The primary fuel used is wood chips with the following parameters:

  • particle size fraction: 1-40 mm, consisting of hard deciduous trees (such as beech, oak) and coniferous trees
  • contamination content below 15% (improving combustion quality)
  • moisture content below 25%
  • minimum energy content (calorific value) of 15 MJ/kg
  • granulation approximately 8 mm

How to calculate the seasonal demand for wood chips?

Assuming that if we use a boiler only for central heating (CH) in the heating system, we will need approximately 1 m3 of wood chips per every 10 m2 of usable area for the season. If we additionally use a water buffer (as a heat accumulator) in the CH system, the consumption of wood chips can be reduced by approximately 30-50%.

The ECO-QUENTIN system by ALTERECO allows achieving nearly 90% boiler efficiency by burning the released fuel gases. Instead of releasing them through the chimney, they can now be burned to obtain a significant amount of additional energy and clean emissions comparable to those from a gas boiler.

The unique internal design of the ECO-QUENTIN boiler enables the use of more effective fuel combustion and volatile compound afterburning technologies, which are not burned in traditional boilers. The high quality of our solution has been confirmed by the Institute of Power Engineering in Łódź, which certified our boiler in compliance with the highest currently applied emission standards PN-EN 303-5:2012 in class 5, while confirming compliance with all requirements in terms of norms for ECODESIGN.

Such a solution not only increases the energy efficiency of our boilers but also brings tangible savings over many years of operation.

The use of wood chips as fuel, which can be easily produced without the need for specialized machinery and often without additional harmful substances (as is the case with other wood-based fuels), provides us with unlimited access, and most importantly, it is one of the cheapest fuels on the market.

The fuel feeding stability in our boiler is so high that the user does not need to sort it. The ECO-QUENTIN wood chip boiler operates with a particle size fraction of 10-40 mm but can easily handle unsorted sawmill chips with irregular fractions containing even over 100 mm wood pieces. The ECO-QUENTIN wood chip boiler has great flexibility in terms of fuels used, but the highest economic efficiency is achieved when using dry chips from hardwood. This way, we can achieve the fastest return on investment by using one of the cheapest fuels on the market.

The simplicity of the solution and easy access to fuel make our boiler a leader in the market for clean and cost-effective heating systems. The proliferation of our solution is like a return to the origins when wood was the primary fuel for heat generation.

Piec na zrębkę ALTERECO - budowa

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Piec na zrębkę ALTERECO - podłączenie

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Zalecane podłączenie kotła ALTERECO

ecoMAX920 controller

It controls the boiler, central heating and hot water installations, as well as mixing valves for radiator and underfloor circuits.
  • Displays operating parameters on the screen.
  • Weather-based control of central heating and hot water circulation.
  • Controls three-way or four-way valves.
  • Panel built into the boiler casing.
  • Software updates via microSDHC or miniUSB card.
  • Configurable power output for H (alarms, backup boiler, circulation pump).
  • Expansion with additional modules B and C, Summer/Winter mode, professional heating curves for boiler circuits and mixer, grate operation, displayed fuel level, STB detection, adaptive mixer control.
  • Compatible with a buffer.
  • Works with ISM radio and WiFi communication with panels or remote control thermostats, ecoNET300 internet module, and ecoNET.apk application for online heating system management.
Panel pokojowy

The eSTER-x80 room panel

  • performs the function of wireless remote control for PLUM
  • devices works with the two-way ISM_xSMART radio transmission module with the LBS system in the ISM band
  • provides thermal comfort in rooms through wireless communication with controllers
  • allows reading and adjustment of all parameters of controllers and heating and ventilation circuits
  • controls the circulation of mixers based on weather conditions and automatically adjusts the heating curve to heat the circuit
  • offers simultaneous device software updates via a microSDHC card or microUSB OTG socket (optional) for cooperation with internal memory
  • control of the controller using the ecoNET.apk and mobile application.

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Jeśli Użytkownik nie chce, aby serwisy społecznościowe przyporządkowywały dane zebrane w trakcie odwiedzin na stronie internetowej bezpośrednio profilowi Użytkownika w danym serwisie, to przed wizytą na stronie Użytkownik musi się wylogować z tego serwisu. Użytkownik może również całkowicie uniemożliwić załadowanie na stronie wtyczek stosując odpowiednie rozszerzenia dla Twojej przeglądarki, np. blokowanie skryptów.


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Odtwarzając wideo, Google otrzymuje o tym informacje, nawet jeśli Użytkownik nie posiada profilu Google lub nie jesteś akurat zalogowany. Taka informacja (wraz z adresem IP Użytkownika) jest przez przeglądarkę Użytkownika przesyłana bezpośrednio do serwera danego usługodawcy (niektóre serwery znajdują się w USA) i tam przechowywana.

Jeśli Użytkownik zalogował się do serwisu Google, to usługodawca ten będzie mógł bezpośrednio przyporządkować odtworzenie wideo na stronie do profilu Użytkownika w Google. Cel i zakres gromadzenia danych oraz ich dalszego przetwarzania i wykorzystania przez usługodawcę, jak również możliwość kontaktu oraz prawa Użytkownika w tym zakresie i możliwość dokonania ustawień zapewniających ochronę prywatności Użytkownika zostały opisane w polityce prywatności Google.

Jeśli Użytkownik nie chce, aby Google przyporządkowywał dane zebrane w trakcie odtwarzania wideo bezpośrednio profilowi Użytkownika, to przed wizytą na stronie Użytkownik musi się wylogować z tego serwisu. Użytkownik może również całkowicie uniemożliwić załadowanie na stronie wtyczek stosując odpowiednie rozszerzenia dla Twojej przeglądarki, np. blokowanie skryptów.

Użytkownik może zapoznać się ze szczegółami polityki prywatności Google (

Logi serwera

Korzystanie ze strony wiąże się z przesyłaniem zapytań do serwera, na którym przechowywana jest strona. Każde zapytanie skierowane do serwera zapisywane jest w logach serwera.

Logi obejmują adres IP Użytkownika, datę i czas serwera, informacje o przeglądarce internetowej i systemie operacyjnym z jakiego korzysta Użytkownik. Logi zapisywane i przechowywane są na serwerze.

Dane zapisane w logach serwera nie są kojarzone z konkretnymi osobami korzystającymi ze strony i nie są wykorzystywane przez Administratora w celu identyfikacji Użytkownika.

Logi serwera stanowią wyłącznie materiał pomocniczy służący do administrowania stroną, a ich zawartość nie jest ujawniana nikomu poza osobami upoważnionymi do administrowania serwerem.

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