Warranty scope

1. Liability under the warranty applies only to defects arising from reasons inherent in the time of its release to the User
2. The warranty for the device is provided by the manufacturer: ALTERECO Lucjan Dziak, 39-124 Iwierzyce, Nockowa 25, NIP: 818-171-81-64, REGON 181138241, tel. +48 17 200 00 41

Guarantee period

For the device (validity period) - 2 years from the expiry date, not longer than 36 months from its production date, except for:
a) exchanger - for which the warranty is 5 years from the date of issue;
b) spare elements included in pt. 8.1 of the operating instructions - for which the warranty is 2 years from the date of sale;
c) consumables and electrical elements (including sealing cord, gaskets, varnish, fireclay, igniter, Hall sensor, springs of the feeding flap, fire extinguishing system control valve "fireman", service, burner, entry in pt. 8.2 operating instructions)