Heat accumulation buffer


How to calculate the seasonal demand for wood chips?

Heat buffer - convenient heating with cheap fuels

Heat buffers are widely used in Europe. With us they remain exotic - wrongly, because such a device would bring benefits that can be calculated directly into zlotys in every house heated with coal, let alone wood. The benefits would be felt outside too, in the form of air without the stench of smoke.

Let's see how the heat buffer works, how the installation costs and the profits from its use are. There will also be details on the proper construction of the buffer tank, which, contrary to appearances, is not such a strange big boiler.

How does the heat buffer work?

The most important feature of the heat buffer is the layered water system. Hot water is lighter than cold water. Therefore, if a layer of hot water is placed over a layer of cold water, such a system behaves like a mixture of water and oil. There will be no mixing of the layers, and hot water will never heat the cold water from above even though they are in direct contact. It is not possible to heat the water from above by contact. That is why the burners on the cookers are located under the pots.

Uproszczony schemat instalacji z buforem ciepła