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Rodzaj paliwa
DOM NOWY OCIEPLONY (zapotrzebowanie na ciepło 100kWh/m2/rok)
Kocioł ECO-QUENTIN - zrębka drzewna
1350 zł
Prąd - taryfa całodobowa G11
9242 zł
Pellet drzewny 6mm
3975 zł
Gaz ziemny
3153 zł
Drewno opałowe - buk, grab
2750 zł
Węgiel orzech
2571 zł
Pompa ciepła powietrzna
2520 zł
Węgiel ekogroszek
2457 zł
Pompa ciepla gruntowa
2288 zł
Roczny szacunkowy koszt ogrzewania domu o powierzchni 150m2 w zależności od rodzaju paliwa.

Economical chimney thanks to the chimney regulator

Almost eternal, made of the highest quality stainless and acid-resistant steel. Used for chimney and ventilation ducts of rectangular, round and oval cross-section. Manufactured in variants that allow for use in chimneys of any cross-section. It is mounted at the end of the flue pipe..

Benefits of having an ALTERECO boiler

ALTERECO: A family of smart heating experts

ALTERECO is a family, 100% Polish company offering its own, patented technology of heating the house with wood chips: comfortable, clean and cheap.

We are perfectionists and passionate about what we do. Many of our solutions are unmatched worldwide; we know because we wanted to find them ourselves - it turned out that when you want to do something right, you have to do it yourself.

Today you can order a complete heating system with one click, which can reduce annual costs up to PLN 1,500.


Everything you need to heat your home cheaper and cleaner

ALTERECO is one place where you can arrange everything: you can order a boiler with assembly, choose accessories, buy fuel, and discuss every detail of your new installation with a specialist beforehand.



We have time, attention and perfect heating for you.
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Co-financing programs for ecological solutions in the field of heat that you can use

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